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The Flock

a life in lightness

a guided journey for your holistic health & wellbeing


Are you seeking for a life in more lightness & flow,

with a mind in relaxation and positivity,

with a body that feels agile, relaxed and light,

with balanced and major light emotions,

with an authentic and trusting self-expression?

Start into your new life,


A life in lightness is an online based, self-paced, course,

with a bi-bonthly offered 60 minute live meeting

for your questions to be answered by me,

during a Zoom call.





Outdoor Meditation
Summer Fun
Wheat field

​Creating more

  • clarity

  • focus

  • new perspectives and aligned actions

  • positivity

​Creating more

  • flow

  • resiliance

  • happiness & enthusiam

  • trust & security

  • handling of feelings

​Creating more

  • happy & peace food

  • healing

  • livelyness & fire

  • flexibility

  • relaxation

​Creating more

  • connection

  • authenticity

  • purpose

  • power of manifestation

  • intuition

Check out below one of the more than 20 videos.

In this video I am taking you into understand of why and where sickness is coming from and how we can learn to deal with it as well as prevent it.

Videos are supported with worksheets,

meditations and practical embodiment tasks,

you can as well always rewatch all past live sessions.


incl. 19% tax

including 4 months of live Q&A sessions,

if you would like to extend the live sessions,

you can subscribe to the LiL Tribe for 44€ / month.

your feedback


The LiL course was really knowledgable. I know now that everything is energy and whenever I feel down, I look at my thoughts and feelings.

It really supports you to get to know yourself better. Before the LiL course I often felt overwhelmed and heavy.

My intention for the course was, to improve my life and learn what I can do to get better.

Doing meditations, having the right supplements, knowing about my hormones, giving myself the best diet and knowing how to meet my emotions.

I really enjoy using e.g. "the inner child" and "how to create my feelings" meditations.

Sia is a wonderful woman with a lot of knowledge, and she is very easy to talk with.

Kristine, Norway

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