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Butterfly Collage

REIKI Courses

For your own ability to guide yourself more into a self aware and empowering life,

I offer online REIKI Courses.

Luckily we have the ability to connect online via Zoom and create same spaces of healing and teaching, as in person. That's what we use during your journey with your REIKI Course.

If you would like to be more in contact with your own energy,

if you would like to be able to recharge as well as cleanse yourself and others energetically,

bring all that you are, that has been and will be, more into harmonization and balance,

REIKI is your path.

You will experience a more deeper and clear connection with yourself,

feel a lot of self-empowerment, as you can guide and create your own energy,

release blockages, transform topics and uplift your self into a higher frequency,

to attract more of what you truly desire.

And this you can then as well share with others, as with the certificate, you are officially allowed to offer and serve REIKI for other perople, animals or other beings of existance, like plants.

You can learn from the 1st, 2nd to Master level, the whole REIKI circle from home.

To move more and more into self mastery on physical, emotional, mental and soul level.

This is your path of self deveolpment end evolution.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lots of Love


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