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remember your essence

align & uplift

with universal life energy

You are a part of all that is. You have always been and you will always be. All you wish and aim for is already within you, you may just turn yourself towards it, and it will unfold.

REIKI, the universal life energy, supports you in being in selflove, authenticity and holistic wellbeing, in your true self. REIKI supports on the path to oneness and wholeness.​

REIKI is an old form of energy work, which origin is unknown. Already 15.000 years ago, cave drawings have shown fragments of this technique. Long time it was forgotten, until end of the 19th century, the christian-japanese monch Dr. Mikao Usui, received during an intensive 21 day fasting, REIKI. USUI had a deep meditative experience, which braught him the method, as well as the used symbols. From then on, the methodology, also known today as the UISUI-TAKATA (Takatat was taught REIKI by Usui) REIKI, became worldwide famous.

REIKI can be used for example for humans, animals and plants, as well as for past-, present- and furture experiences, as it is the universal life energy, and is contained by everything that is.

Every REIKI Session, if over distance or in person, is very individual, just as you are. This is such a beautiful experience, as the energy will move with intention and pure knowledge of source, to where it is serving you and your being in that now moment.

What are the supporting effects of REIKI?

  • REIKI promotes the natural self-healing powers

  • REIKI strengthens inner vitality and energy

  • REIKI revitalizes body and mind

  • REIKI harmonizes body, mind and emotions

  • REIKI balances the energy balance and builds stress off

  • REIKI cleanses from toxins

  • REIKI dissolves blockages and promotes the perfect Relaxation

  • REIKI adapts to the natural needs of the recipient

For me personally, REIKI Energy feels like pure, devine and unconditional love.



with or without Zoom

Online Courses

REIKI Level 1, 2, & Master

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