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Level 1 Course

a path to oneness

In the USUI REIKI Level 1 course, you will receive the first attunement, being reconnected to the universal life energy,

learn intuitive REIKI and I will introduce you to energy work.

On a physical level, an energetic cleansing process is set in motion, which brings your body back into balance, its nature and health.

You receive a basic knowledge about REIKI and the chakra system.

I will show you how you can treat yourself and others with REIKI.

REIKI creates a boost in your personal development and gives you better access to loving yourself and all that is.


You will get to know yourself better during this training and you will understand more and more where your energetic blockages come from and how they show up on a physical, emotional and mental level.

I will teach you various techniques that can help you to slowly dissolve your energetic blockages in order to become more free from within yourself. I will accompany you during the training with all my knowledge, passion and experience, as well as elements from soulistic healing, to get closer to your journey to inner peace, 

You will learn:

  • What REIKI is | The History of the USUI REIKI Method

  • How REIKI works | The Limits of REIKI

  • The Aura | Energies & Energetic Protection

  • Chakra System| Chakra Balancing

  • Hand Positions for the basic REIKI treatment

  • Procedure of a REIKI session | How to offer REIKI professionally

  • REIKI self-treatment

  • Reiki for pregnant women, children, animals, food, plants & healing stones

  • and so much more magic :)

REIKI Refresher pay 50% of the original price,

please contact me directly for this request.

ONLINE (Zoom) | 21 days journey | 3 Live Sessions | 

3x2.5 hours


You will receive:

- an individual attunement session

(upon agreed 1:1 Session in week prior to start of course)

- your REIKI  Level 1 Workbook as pdf script, with your 21 day journey

- Certificate after the completion with a little personal suprise for you

- 1 free Reiki-Mentoring (30 min) after the Training (via Telefon or Zoom)

- Community Group via Whats App/ Facebook

Looking forward seeing you there,

Lots of Love


Erik, Holland


I feel as if a new valuable door has been opened in my spiritual growth. I most liked the very beautiful workbook and the passionate teaching meetings. REIKI means for me now:

"loving and enabling energy".

I am thankful that I am now able to balance myself better and help others to do so aswell.

I just tell you: it's a great value and beautiful addition to a more selfsecured spiritual life.


Stefanie, Germany
Service Support


I feel more and more in my energy. I loved that we were able to give ourselves a Reiki treatment in the class as well as another person to practice. For me, Reiki now means paying more attention to myself and treating myself and other people with more compassion. I am grateful that the course opened my heart a little further. I'll tell you just one thing: that it was the best decision of my life to listen to my heart and I'm looking forward to the grade 2 that I will do.

REIKI 1_edited.jpg

Carpenter Master


I can use my energy better. I found the feeling at the inauguration the best and in the meditations as well as after I was allowed to give REIKI myself. REIKI now means to me "come closer". I'm thankfull, that I could have wonderful new experiences. I'll tell you just one thing: "everybody would like it".

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-20 at 11.43.24.jpeg



I feel enriched since the course. What I liked best about the course was that SIA touched me to the core with her loving, patient, knowing, velvety charisma and brought me back to me again and again. For me, REIKI now means another companion. I am grateful that I did the course because it helped me to find myself. I'll tell you only one thing: experience the magical wisdom and aura of SIA.


Natalie, Germany


I feel more free since the course. What I liked most about the course was that it was a wonderful mixture of theory and practice. REIKI now means for me, to perceive my life energy better. I feel more centered now and look forward to giving this gift to others in the future. I'll tell you just one thing: make :)

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