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Morning Light

Level 2 Course

a path to oneness

In the USUI REIKI Level 2 course according to Dr. Mikao Usui, we deepen your knowledge and your connection to REIKI.

The work on a mental level, receives the basic attention in the 2nd REIKI level. With three powerful symbols you now have the opportunity to expand and intensify your work with REIKI.

With these symbols you have the possibility to use REIKI in a targeted manner over a distance, to energetically clean rooms and objects and to carry out mental treatments to dissolve unwanted beliefs and behavioral patterns, as well as to harmonize negative energies.

The introspection of you and your personal issues will be deepened and expanded. This includes, healing your inner child and conduct shadow integration. ​


You will learn:

  • Reflection of the 1st Reiki degree

  • 3 traditional symbols

  • Methods and techniques with the three symbols

    • Healing of the inner child

    • Shadow integration

    • Integrate the 3 symbols into your Reiki practice

    • Dissolve negative beliefs through mental treatment

    • Process of a mental treatment

    • Course of a distance Reiki session

    • Course of a distance mental treatment

    • Energetically charge & harmonize rooms & healing stones with REIKI

    • and much more magic :)

REIKI Refresher pay only 50% of the original price,

please contact me directly for this request.


ONLINE (Zoom) | 21 days journey | 3 Live Sessions | 3x3 hours

You will receive:

- your 21 day journey workbook in pdf  to download 

- Certificate and little personal suprise after the completed training

- 1 free Reiki-Mentoring (30 min) after the trainig (via Telefon oder Zoom)

- Community Group via Whats App/ Facebook

Lots of Love


Erik, Holland


I feel more comfortable and secure with using the REIKI energy. I most liked the use of the symbols to strengthen and connect more focussed. REIKI means for me now: connection with creation and healing. My friends I would tell, Go and do it! REIKI I and II are a must-do combination. (I even wonder why there's even a REIKI I, as the both I and II together make a beautiful course by itself ).

I am thankful that I now have a valuable tool in my spiritual toolbox to use in everyday life.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-20 at 11.43.24.jpeg

Cora, Germany


Since the course, I feel filled with even more ways to brighten my day. What I liked most about the course was that we learned Reiki symbols.

For me, REIKI now means an indispensable companion in life. I am grateful to have done the course, because during these hours I was able to experience deep peace and warmth in myself. I'll only tell you one thing: definitely do it at SIA, because it's such a loving course.


Natalie, Germany
Healer, Health Worker


Since REIKI II I no longer feel at the mercy of the energies around me. What I liked best was that I now have techniques to help myself. REIKI is now a part of my daily life. I would tell my best friend DO IT! I am grateful to have done the course because I can now be much more with myself.

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