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Master Course

a path to oneness

With the initiation into the 3rd REIKI level (master degree), the energetic REIKI circle closes. The focus in the third degree is on the soul aspect and you are now able to work consciously on the astral plane.

Through the third REIKI level, you will increasingly connect with your meditative awareness and a higher form of your spirituality.

A traditional initiation into the master's mark opens up qualitatively higher possibilities for the applications you know from the first and second REIKI degrees.

If you have gone through the three degrees of the Reiki system, you have ideally completed a holistic cleaning and development process on all human levels (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) and have thus made great progress on your journey to inner peace and your spirituality connection.

​I will accompany you over a period of 5 weeks on your way to your REIKI mastery.


You will receive a workbook that you will work on independently. During this time we will meet in the group for 5 online appointments to take a closer look at your remaining topics. I will show you how you can take a deeper look at yourself on your way to your REIKI mastery and how to tackle existing issues in order to ultimately transform them into something free and loving.


You will learn:

  • Your journey to yourself and your still open topics

  • Transformational shadow & light work

  • Your initiation into the master symbol

  • How to initiate into Reiki 1 & 2

  • Application of the master icon

  • and so much more magic :)

If you conducted REIKI 1 & 2 with SIA, you receive a voucher of 10% discount.

ONLINE (Zoom) 

- Workbook as pdf for you to download

- Certificate and a little personal suprise after the completed course

- 1 free Reiki-Mentoring (30 min) after the training (via Telefon or Zoom)

- Community Whats App Group

I am looking forward seeing you then,

Lots of Love, SIA

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