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REIKI Sessions
in person or via distance

Energy Work is able to release, heal and create new.

It works over time and space,

not depending onto direct physical connection. 

I am offering REIKI Session besides distance Sessions,

as well in person in the place that I am residing in that time.

Apart from meeting in person, it is wonderful to be able to connect with you,

residing all over the world, and share the gift of REIKI over distance.

In a distance REIKI Session you can choose to just connect via the eternal roam of being

or additionally via Zoom or telephone.

You will receive, depending on your experience with REIKI, a brief introduction how REIKI works and will ask you for your current state of physical, emotional and mental state of being, as we can use an intention to let the universal life energy flow towards the topic you would like to experience change.

REIKI is a wonderful way to invite holistic wellbeing. 

After a  meditation to open a relaxing space for you, I will guide the energy towards your being. 

Once the flow is finished you can receive a space to share your experience as well as receive a feedback of what information I was allowed to receive through my clairvoyance. 

You are always welcome to contact me after the session if any furtheer processes, through the sealf healing activation and detoxification comes up.

Distance Reiki Sessions last 45 Minutes.

In Person Sessions last 75 Minutes.


Andrea, Aschaffenburg

Liebe Sia,

ich bin so dankbar für das Fernreiki, das du mir gesendet hast! Ich habe mich während der Behandlung so energertisiert gefühlt 😍 deine Energie habe ich als warmes kribbeln wahr genommen. Dein Feedback hinterher war so treffend, obwohl du im Vorfeld nichts zu meinen Themen wusstest, hat alles einfach 1:1 gepasst. Ich bin immer noch ganz begeistert von dieser Erfahrung!

Ich danke dir von ganzem Herzen, dass ich deine Art der Fernreiki Behandlung erfahren durfte 💛



Mathias, Norway

Healing hos Sia var en ny opplevelse for meg. Det var god atmosfære, avslappende, og jeg følte meg "i vater", etter timen. Tusen takk!



Katharina, Schweinfurt

Liebe Sia,

vor einigen Tagen durfte ich eine Fernreiki-Behandlung von dir erhalten und es war eine wahnsinnig schöne Erfahrung. Die Energie war so präsent und ich war selbst erstaunt, wie viel ich spüren durfte. Danke auch für deine Impulse im Anschluss, es war super schön zu hören, welche Bilder du zu sehen gekriegt hast.

Sehr gerne wieder. 🙏🏼

Alles Liebe, Katharina


Erik, Norway

I've had the privilege of receiving many different sessions with Sia: Reiki, ThetaHealing, Human Design, Coaching and also joined her Workshop Circles many times. It's beautiful to experience all of this with her and deeply feel the energy and love she radiates during every one of them, it's so powerful! Sia effectively makes foundational changes happen and is constantly there, creating and holding a space for her clients. She is always fully in control while staying in her highest frequency and connection with Creator. Sia's professional way of working creates trust and a sacred healing space, which makes every single session a wonderful gift.

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