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Spiritual Wilderness Retreat


We are inviting a maximum of 6 people, for a special spiritual experience in the beautiful nature of North-West Norway!

During this journey in Norways wilderness, we will work with specific subjects through various beautiful techniques around bushcraft, transformation, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, movement and conversation.

This gives you an inspiring experience that can completely turn your life upside down and move yourself into a more free, authentic and fulfilled life:
a ticket to an uplifted you!

For whom:
Those who want to give their lives a new direction and look at life in a different way. You are at least open to spirituality, but you also keep both feet on the ground. You are healthy and normally fit and you can camp in nature.

How much does it cost?
We want to offer this on the basis of gift economy: you participate and at the end of the trip you pay what it was worth for you.

The costs for travel (car or plane) and accommodation (night before this trip and the night before departure, the rest you sleep in your own tent in nature), equipment is on you.

We take care of nutritious and healthy food and drinks for those days.

We offer you knowledge, space for transformation, shared experience and a journey you will never forget (we will put everything we can into it, because we want it to be unforgettable for you).

We will also help you with everything around the bookings to get here .
No worries, it's super easy to get here if you get some help and tips.

Do you want to seize this opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in the breathtaking and impressive nature of the Norwegian fjords and give it a new lease of life?


If you have any questions, please just contact me.

We are looking forward seeing you there.
Lots of love,
Erik & SIA

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