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ThetaHealing® Sessions

A ThetaHealing® Session can as be created through an in person session or via an online connection, via Zoom or Phone. Energy is not bound to time and space. 

We will meet online or in person, and have a short pretalk about your situation.

What do you wish for to invite or let go of?

You can stay seated or lie down during the session.

 I will guide you in a meditation into the Theta brainwave and thus into the space of all that is, from where everything can be changed with ease and effortlessly.

We look from there, what is holding you back to live the life you love to live, 

in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Whenever you have any question or feel uncertain about something,

you always have the possibility to approach me.

It can also be supporting, to mix the REIKI Energy (alpha brainwave)  with the ThetaHealing​® Energy.

I am a very intuitive and clairvoyant being, and love supporting you in your very individual evolution and transformation.

Sessions last 60-75 Minutes.


Johanna, Germany
Consciousness-Coach & Healer

So much more inner freedom! From session to session, my self-confidence in my gifts increased more and more. My inner attitude towards myself has grown so much. Before the sessions I felt insecure and scattered. After that I felt much more at home with myself and felt more conscious of my SELF. The sessions with SIA were magical. Every session was different. SIA responded so sensitively to each of my "states of mind" in each session and gave me infinite space for my development and growth. Absolute heartfelt recommendation! SIA is an incredibly sensitive person with sooo much broad and deep knowledge. I am thankful to have done the sessions as it unlocked so much of my potential! SIA sees so much in you that you cannot see yourself. And when you are ready, you will be shown the mirror of your great potential to look into.


Bonny, Germany

Horse Osteopath

I feel more with myself, more relaxed, listen to myself better, can deal with many situations much better. Overall I just feel good. Before the session I felt responsible for everything, nervous and stressed. After that I was able to breathe more deeply, I felt good and I was much more with myself. I already raved about the session ❤️ "Do it too, it gives you so much." A friend made an appointment straight away! And was excited. My mother and my boyfriend would also like a session. I am grateful for the ThetaHealing® session because a lot has changed inside me and therefore also on the outside. SIA is a super loving authentic woman. She perceives a lot, is very intuitive and creates a safe space to let go.


Steffi, Germany

I have become more open and relaxed and my new belief has played an important role in my life. Before the session I felt tense and small. I noticed very early on that something was loosening up and that it was the right thing to let go of what was still blocking me. Afterwards I felt relieved and more relaxed. I don't regret having gone this route and that I would do it again and again. I am grateful for the ThetaHealing® session, because I can definitely take something with me for my new life and my life has changed even more as a result. Sia is simply a loving and powerful woman who I appreciate very much.


Natalie, Germany

I could feel myself again. I was able to experience an incredibly healing journey with a warm-hearted woman. She was so brave to start the journey to myself. Before the session I felt carried away by the collective fear. After that, as if I could finally shed ballast. The relationship with myself and thus with others has changed the most. I am grateful for the ThetaHealing® session because I definitely want to book another session to develop further relationships & beliefs clarify. Sia is beautiful.


Devin, Germany

Yoga Teacher & Coach

Thank you dear Sia for the wonderful Theta Healing Session. I had already got small insights into this world but the experience with you was so much deeper than any I have had before. I felt totally safe with you and really understood. It felt so good to be able to just let everything go. I was surprised myself how deep and how far back I could go with you. This opened up some completely new spaces for me in which I could find a lot of strength and healing. Not only on a mental level but also on an emotional level I was able to "develop" several layers and develop a better feeling for why I am here and why I was allowed to have certain experiences. Thank you for this great insight and the lightness and joy it brought me.

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