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live & create the life you love to live

Do you sometimes ask yourself why you can't change certain habits or why beliefs and thoughts limit and block you from time to time?

Is there an area of ​​your life that you are not 110% at peace with right now?

How do you deal with challenges in life?


Your experiences in life, especially in your childhood, shape your assumptions and ways of dealing with others. These are often necessary during your childhood in order to "keep you alive" in your family and in the social system in the truest sense of the word. It was exactly the same for you in previous lives, other times and dimensions, as well as your ancestors. You are still energetically connected to all of these times.


However, there comes a time when you will probably feel that these are no longer of service to you and/or they are preventing you from living a deeply fulfilling life. How can you break free from these limiting patterns and programs and transform yourself towards what is highest and best for you?


ThetaHealing® is a gentle method that works transformatively in your subconscious and on your feelings,

making changes in your life possible.


We use the power of theta brainwave frequency and creative energy to transform deep programs, concepts and beliefs formed through life experiences, as well as energetic connections to other times, release from the subconscious and then change them to your highest and best.

We are testing the belief with a kineosologic muscle test, which reflects the subconscious programming. We are serving you with all emotions or feelings you did not experience or your system does not know yet.


This change serves you to change your perspective, to let go of old ballast and thus to encounter topics and people differently. In order to no longer live in a never-ending cycle or hamster wheel, ThetaHealing® gives you clarity and inner serenity to approach life the way you wish it to be deep inside you. 


In this way you can actively take responsibility for all your actions and being - in the knowledge that everything is possible if you only want it.


Topics such as physical illness, relationships, finances, job (change, dissatisfaction, search), fears and trauma can be changed and healed in the long term.

But also your soul connection, spiritual growth, your potential development and the manifestation of your wishes, longings and dreams can be lovingly and energetically accompanied with ThetaHealing®.


I myself got to know ThetaHealing® end 2019 and did my Basic DNA Practicioner Training on 02.02.2020. Since then, my whole life turned upside down.

From mind chaos, physical issues like stomach pains, deressions, eating disorders and sociophobia,

I turned into a life appreciating and celebrating being. Overcoming feaers and limitations led me to a life in my dream land Norway, working selfemployed and only doing things I pasionately love. Being able to guide myself, as well as others, into a more whole and fulfilled life.


Accomplished ThetaHealing® Practicioner Seminars;

- Basic DNA

- Advanced DNA

- Dig Deeper

- You and Creator

- Rhythm

- World Relations

- Manifestation & Abundance

- Intuitive Anatomy

Accomplished ThetaHealing® Instructor Seminars:

- Basic DNA

- Advanced DNA

- Dig Deeper 

- You and Creator 


A method that makes impossibilities, possible.

Would you like to live & create more the life you love to live?



via Zoom & Telephone


via Zoom

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